Who we are

Firma Stevens bvba has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing filter bands, hydrocyclones, filter media and spare parts for Hydromation plants.

We also carry out a lot of work in the field of PVD coatings , mirror reflectors, reflector industry, decorative coatings and EMC coatings.

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What we do

Many years of experience has provided our staff with the necessary skills to create many types of hydro filters in all sizes and formats. We offer spare parts, service and maintenance, conversion and installation of exchange parts for Hydromation plants.

Firma Stevens also specializes in coating and mirror reflex applications to all possible materials.

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What we manufacture

Firma Stevens manufactures filter bands and filter media for hydro filters. We can provide hydro power plants with spare parts and newly manufactured hydrocyclones.

We also specialize in coatings for the reflector industry, decorative coatings and EMC coatings on all possible materials. 

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